Asset Finance

Lease Rental
Typically for equipment costing £1,000+

Used to acquire equipment for use in your business without having to find the cash to pay for it up front.

The leasing company will purchase most types of new equipment on your behalf and rent it to you for between one and seven years. The payments are tax efficient as you may claim back the whole amount as a business expense.

You get the equipment you need without borrowing from your bank and so leave this credit line free for other uses.

Lease Purchase

Very similar to rental, but at the end of the contract, you own the equipment.

In both cases it may be possible to include the cost of installation, software, training and maintenance.

Existing Asset Finance

It may, in some circumstances, be possible to raise finance on any asset owned by your company or owned by you personally

  • plant, equipment and machinery – will generally need to be fairly new, in good condition with a discernable market value. ie a loan is made, repayable over an agreed period and secured against the value of the asset.
  • commercial premises and domestic property – Loan made, repayable over an agreed period, secured via remortgage or via second charge where appropriate.

In the above cases, funds may be used for any purpose.

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