Business Finance

Where do we start?

There are many ways to finance your business and knowing which one is the best option can often be very daunting.  At Lawson Fox we can take the mystery out of the process and explain things in a jargon free way so that you know exactly what you are getting.

The first step in the process is for us to fully understand your situation.  Many advisers and bankers focus on your profit and loss account and balance sheet but at Lawson Fox you will notice that we are much more interested in how your business operates and in particular what is really important to you.  For example if you want to sell your business in the short term it may not be appropriate to arrange long term finance.

A better understanding

Once we have really understood your business and what is important to you we then need to fully appreciate your financial position.  Unlike many banks our attitude is not to try to sell you as many products as possible most of which you don’t want or need.  We want to build long term relationships with clients and this involves gaining your trust so that you know we will only recommend solutions if they really are best for your circumstances.

Seeing it through

At Lawson Fox we consider that long term value comes from long term relationships and once a client engages us we want to help our clients through the development of their businesses.  If you want to sell your business we can advise on the best way to achieve this and help you to prepare for this situation.  There are many factors that will help you get the best price when the time comes and it is important if this is your goal to begin your preparation early.  This is particularly important in how you decide to finance your business.  Equally if the business finds itself in difficulties we would hope that you would turn to us for advice in the safe knowledge that we will always do our best for you and help you resolve your problems and get your business back on track.

Trusted business advisers

We know you are the best person to run your business but we also recognise that it can be a lonely journey if you don’t have anyone to confide in.  At Lawson Fox we have skilled professionals with all the relevant technical skills and knowledge but we also have first hand knowledge of running businesses and we know how valuable this experience can be.  Let us share that knowledge and experience with you and help you realise your ambitions and aspirations.

At Lawson Fox we can help and advise on a range of financing options for your business.  We do not have any tie ups with specific financial institutions allowing us to remain entirely independent and objective.

Types of finance available
  • Asset finance
  • Invoice finance
  • Traditional bank finance
  • Equity investment
  • Commercial mortgages
  • Bridging loans
  • Leasing

With such a range of options let Lawson Fox help you navigate through the financial maze and choose the right solution for you.

What to do now….

For a no obligation discussion or more information on any of the above, call our enquiry team on 0800 085 1706,  we’ll be happy to help.